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Jul 29 20:57

Cop To Vet On Receiving End Of Bogus Raid: Investigating Things Beforehand Just Slows Us Down

The "shoot first, ask for immunity later" mentality of today's law enforcement officers is perfectly highlighted in this story about a US military veteran finding himself on the receiving end of a military-style raid… all because a "helpful" neighbor reported him for being in the "wrong" apartment. (via Amy Alkon) Alex Horton, an Iraq war veteran, was having some work done on his apartment. During the repairs, his landlord put him up in a "model unit." He fell asleep in an apartment otherwise known to be unoccupied. A passing neighbor apparently saw him in the apartment through the cracked door and reported this to the police. What happened next was standard operating procedure -- both for the US military and US law enforcement.

Jul 29 20:40

What’s Left of the American Dream Withers at Record Pace

The current housing boom has Dallas solidly in its grip. As in many cities around the US, prices are soaring, buyers are going nuts, sellers run the show, realtors are laughing all the way to the bank, and the media are having a field day. Nationwide, the median price of existing homes, at $236,400, as the National Association of Realtors sees it, is now 2.7% higher than it was even in July 2006, the insane peak of the crazy housing bubble that blew up with such spectacular results.

Jul 29 20:22

The Failure — and Future — of Democracy In Europe

There’s at least one reason we should be grateful to the Greek people for exposing the European Union’s democratic dysfunction this summer: Their recent referendum showed that majority rule is impossible in a multinational union.

Jul 29 19:49

Windows 10 might be free, but your privacy is priceless

Although free, Windows 10 comes packed with some concerning new ‘features’.

As Windows 10 is launched and downloaded across the globe by early adopters eager to experience the new operating system, a word of caution is needed.

Jul 29 19:15

National Endowment for Democracy found "Undesirable" in Russia- Prosecutors

Russia bans US National Endowment for Democracy as "undesirable"

Russia has moved to ban a prominent US organization from operating in the country under the nation's controversial new "undesirables" law. Critics have slammed the ban as an attempt to limit civil society.

Russian prosecutors declared Tuesday that the US National Endowment for Democracy will be the first "undesirable" foreign group banned under a controversial new law designed to limit the influence of overseas organizations perceived as a threat.

"Taking into account the overall aim of the Endowment's work, prosecutors came to the conclusion that it presents a threat to the constitutional order of Russia, its defense capabilities and state security," the prosecutors said in a statement.

Jul 29 19:05

Jim Carrey Rips Monsanto

During his commencement speech at Maharachi Jim Carrey c Exposes Monsanto, the GMO Giant, who sues farmers if they save any seeds from their crops.

Jul 29 18:57

New Report Finds 'Strong Evidence' of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Amnesty International says its new report provides "some of the most compelling evidence yet" that Israel committed war crimes during its attack on Gaza last summer.

'Black Friday': Carnage in Rafah during 2014 Israel/Gaza conflict states that findings indicate that Israeli forces acted in retaliatory manner, with disregard for civilian life, after Lieutenant Hadar Goldin was captured by Hamas fighters, and that the events demand urgent, independent investigation.

"The ferocity of the attack on Rafah shows the extreme measures Israeli forces were prepared to take to prevent the capture alive of one soldier—scores of Palestinian civilian lives were sacrificed for this single aim," said Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at Amnesty International.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Ooooh, you are just being Jew-hating anti-Semites who want Hitler to come back and gas Jewish babies!!!" -- The perpetual whiners

Jul 29 18:19

South America Is Heading Into A Full-Blown Financial Crisis Which Will Cause Years Of Pain For The Entire Continent.

Most nations in South America are either already experiencing an economic recession or are right on the verge of one.

Jul 29 17:15

Rand Paul: Fraud, Failure, Liar

by Justin Raimondo, July 29, 2015 As the smoke wafted up into the already smoggy Los Angeles air, a group of young libertarians watched as Jayel Aheram burned his “Stand With Rand” t-shirts. He had two of them, a token of his former esteem for the “libertarian-ish” presidential candidate and Senator from Kentucky, whose father had inspired young Jayel to identify as a libertarian and become active in the movement. A former Marine and Iraq war veteran, the now 31-year-old Aheram had phone-banked for Rand, and enthusiastically retweeted the Senator’s pronouncements on Twitter. He had even forked out $35 for those T-shirts – and now they were going up in flames as he and a group of young libertarians sat on the roof of Jayel’s Los Angeles apartment, drinking beer and glumly contemplating what had brought them – all former supporters of Rand Paul’s presidential campaign – to this point. As Charles Davis writes over at MondoWeiss:

Jul 29 15:49

BREAKING: French Investigators Check Plane Debris on Remote French Island for Clues in MH370 Hunt

Investigators are studying an airplane fragment discovered Wednesday on an island in the Indian Ocean, but they say it is too early to tell whether it might hold a clue to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 last year.

Boeing investigators have looked at photos of the fragment and say that they believe it is from a 777 aircraft, sources told NBC News Wednesday afternoon.

Jul 29 15:31

Windows 10: Here are the privacy issues you should know about

Windows 10 has just arrived and there’s a new Privacy Policy and Service Agreement from Microsoft coming swiftly in its wake.

The new policies take effect on 1 August and there are a few unsettling things nestling in there that you should be thinking about if you’re using the company’s services and software.

The Privacy Statement and Services Agreements combined come to 45 pages. Microsoft’s deputy general counsel, Horacio Gutierrez wrote that they are “straightforward terms and polices that people can clearly understand.” The reality is, you’re probably not going to read them. So I did…

And, like so many other companies, Microsoft has grabbed some very broad powers to collect things you do, say and create while using its software. Your data won’t be staying on your computer, that much is for sure.

Jul 29 15:15

23-yo ISIS supporter arrested by FBI for allegedly planning terror attack

Man from Key West, Florida, was arrested after planning an explosion on local beach.

Jul 29 15:04

Aurora Shooting Victim Parents Face $200K Court Fees, Bankruptcy, After Failing to Sue Ammo Dealers

In 2014, Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, the mother and stepfather of Aurora Theater Shooting victim Jessica Redfield Ghawi, tried to sue the ammo companies they believe supplied shooter James Holmes with his ammunition, body armor and other items. They bleived that the online retailer BulkAmmo.com had sold Holmes more than 4,000 rounds of ammunition, along with The Sportsman’s Guide, with a 100-round magazine and 700 rounds, BTP Arms for two canisters of tear gas, and Bullet Proof Body Armor. This week, the Judge has finally thrown out their legal suit and the parents are facing nearly a quarter of a million dollars in costs.

Jul 29 14:40

‘One-way street’: US urged to buy more British weapons

Britain’s arms trade with the United States is a “one-way street,” Minister of State for Defence Procurement Philip Dunne has said, urging the US to buy more UK-built weapons.

Dunne told reporters during his first visit to the US since the general election there was a trade imbalance between the two nations.

Jul 29 14:25

Windows 10: A SYSADMIN speaks his brains – and says MEH

When Windows 7 came out there were a few complaints (give me back my up arrow, damn it!) but for the most part there was relief. At long last, here was salvation from Vista and a path forward from XP.

There's none of that with Windows 10. It's good enough to use if you have to. It's definitely a step up from Windows 8. But if you have Windows 7 there's no sane reason to move to Windows 10 as, ultimately, Windows 7 is still better.

Jul 29 14:21

HRW calls Saudi airstrike in Yemen’s Ta’izz prov. “apparent war crime”

Human Rights Watch says a recent Saudi airstrike on the Yemeni town of Mukha that left scores of civilians dead appears to be a war crime.

The rights organization said there was no evident military target at the site of the airstrike. The HRW said Riyadh has so far failed to look into alleged breaches of the rules of engagement. It said the failure of Saudi Arabia to investigate unlawful airstrikes in Yemen demonstrates the need for the United Nations Human Rights Council to create a commission of inquiry to investigate allegations of violations by Riyadh. The rights group said 65 civilians including 10 children were killed in the air raid on Ta’izz province on Friday. But some sources put the death toll at more than 140 civilians. Saudi Arabia has been pounding Yemen since March 26. The onslaught has claimed nearly 49-hundred Yemeni lives, mostly civilians.

Jul 29 14:04

Blackstone Group : $47,112,977 in Lobbying From 1989 to 2014

Influence Explorer on how rent seeking does pay off when you are connected. No word yet on this story from George W. Bush of Club 2166 of Skull and Bones or Stephen A. Schwartzman of Club 2167 of Skull and Bones.

Jul 29 13:51

Lines Out the Door for Nation’s First Organic Drive-Thru Restaurant

Amy's organic fast food can't keep up with the demand - one of the nation's first organic drive-thrus just opened...

Jul 29 12:57

Life on Earth began with 'hiccups': Reproduction started slowly in primordial soup rather than with a bang

Life on Earth may have 'hiccuped' into existence from a primordial soup of chemicals, according to new research.

Scientists have found long chains of molecules can develop the ability to replicate themselves, and so pass on their properties, by acting as a template around which other chemicals form.

The findings suggest all that was needed to kickstart the path towards living cells was the formation of these molecular chains, known as polymers rather than a dramatic spark or event.

Jul 29 12:57

Destroying History To Control The Masses

Examining the Pope's unprecedented focus on creating world government - the capitulation to the banksters in Greece as Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras betrays the referendum - the former Greek Finance Minister's ideas for a cryptocurrency to alleviate their sovereign bondage to the EU Central Bank

Jul 29 12:56

Here's What to Watch for in the U.S. GDP Report

The Federal Reserve's July meeting Wednesday won't steal the thunder from the U.S. economy's report card due on Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

The release from the Commerce Department promises to offer double the usual excitement: One, it'll show how strongly growth rebounded in the second quarter from the inclement weather and West Coast port labor disputes that depressed the economy early in the year. Two, due to revisions that happen once a year and some new adjustments, it'll reveal whether gross domestic product really contracted in the January to March period.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It doesn't matter what the real economy did, the government will say everything is wonderful!

Jul 29 12:47

“Game of Thrones”: This Week’s TIME Cover with Bush and Clinton Is Telling You Who Your Dynasty Families Are, America

Check out this week's cover of TIME Magazine.

Establishment propaganda mouthpiece extraordinaire TIME is ‘talking 2016? with a Bush and a Clinton because it has already been decided that either a Bush or a Clinton will be taking over the White House after the next “election” (read: selection).

In case you still didn’t know for sure, you are straight up being told who your unofficial dynasty families are here, America. It’s as simple (and blatant) as that. It’s being thrown in our faces like a bully’s mud pie on an elementary school playground.

(Read More)

Jul 29 12:41

Turkey Enters Fight Against ISIS, But Target is Still Assad

With Turkey's announcement that it will fight ISIS, the US will be able to use Turkish bases to fulfill its mission of overthrowing Assad, says Col. Larry Wilkerson -

Jul 29 12:38

Poroshenko asked West 1,240 Javelin antitank missile systems

BING Translate:
Ukraine's PRESIDENT Peter Porošenko said that his country needed to win-of course, it's free! -1240 anti-tank missile systems Javelin for containment of aggression allegedly carried out by Russia.

"We need only 1,240 Javelin missile system, and it's completely unfair,"-Porošenko said, responding to a question about weapons that need the Ukrainian army to "stop Russian aggression and terrorist under its control".

Porošenko recalled that in 1994. year, according to Budipeštanskom memorandum, Ukraine renounced the 1,240 nuclear warheads, and that's exactly why the number has special significance.

Jul 29 12:34

Former Halliburton Subsidiary is Suing Sick Military Veterans they Poisoned

The case against KBR is being filed again in Houston, but KBR now is attempting to sue the veterans for $850,000 in legal fees from the first case — a deeply vain attempt to punish the veterans for seeking justice for their severe mistreatment.

Jul 29 12:33

Could President Obama Win A Third Term?

"I actually think I'm a pretty good president," he said with a smile. "I think if I ran I could win. But I can't. ... The law is the law, and no one person is above the law, not even the president."

The law the president mentioned is the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, limiting a president to two terms. It was ratified in 1951, in a kind of delayed reaction to the epochal presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who won his fourth term in 1944.

Jul 29 12:19

US, EU 'Give Up' Ukraine to Seek Russian Political Support

After inciting the Ukrainian conflict that led the country to a civil war and brought it to the verge of economic collapse, the West has now realized that Ukraine isn’t worth much, at least not as much as establishing a working political relationship with Russia, US political journalist Brian Whitmore said.

The United States and the European Union (EU) are "selling out" Ukraine to Russia to gain the Kremlin's support in dealing with Iran's nuclear program and looking for Moscow's approval of taking out Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, the Atlantic Magazine reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If true, this is an act of desperation by the US/EU to break out of the logjam of wars they are stuck in. The US/EU knows Iran doesn't actually have nuclear weapons. Russia knows it too, and knows that the real goal is for the US to take economic control of Iran's (and everyone else's) oil, which Russia is clearly opposed to. The US/EU have to know this deal to "give" Russia Ukraine is a non-starter, and Putin would be correct to see this as a sign that the US/EU know they cannot continue with military actions is so many nations at the same time.

Jul 29 12:18

Latvia Negotiating With US on Deployment of Heavy Military Equipment

Latvia has started formal negotiations with the US on the deployment of heavy military equipment at the Adazi base in the country, the press service of Latvian Defense Ministry reported.

Jul 29 12:18

Russian ruble strengthens as Central Bank stops currency purchases

The Russian ruble has come back to below 60 against the US dollar in early trading on the Moscow Exchange Wednesday. The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) said it stopped buying foreign currency, as the ruble hit 4-month lows.

The ruble revalued on the news, standing at 59.4 to the dollar and 65.7 to the euro at 13: MSK.

Jul 29 11:48

GOP leaders plan Senate vote on de-funding Planned Parenthood before recess

The Senate will vote before its August recess on a Republican effort to block federal aid to Planned Parenthood, GOP leaders said Tuesday, as anti-abortion groups clamored for action by lawmakers. Democrats said they will strongly oppose what they called the latest Republican effort to weaken women's health care programs, but stopped short of flatly predicting its defeat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Planned Parenthood is launching a new fundraising drive. Anyone donating more than $5000 will receive a copy of this vintage classic Beatles album!!!!!!

Jul 29 11:41

Judicial Watch: IRS Produces Recovered Lerner Emails

Judicial Watch released 906 pages of newly recovered Lois Lerner emails from the IRS that are believed to recently have been recovered by the IRS’ internal watchdog – the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). The IRS released the emails under a court order by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan. The new documents show that Lois Lerner and other top officials in the Exempt Organizations Unit of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), including soon-to-be Acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller, closely monitored and approved the controversial handling of tax-exempt applications by Tea Party organizations. The documents also show that at least one group received an inquiry from the IRS in order to buy time and keep the organization from contacting Congress.

Jul 29 11:38

Turkey Hits Kurdish Militants in Iraq in Largest Airstrike Yet

Turkey’s renewed conflict with Kurdish militants intensified on Wednesday as the government launched a new wave of airstrikes in northern Iraq and a blast temporarily crippled a key oil pipeline in southeastern Turkey.

Jul 29 11:32

Obamacare: Health Insurers Seek Huge Price Increases

President Obama’s supporters are quick to tout his record as one of tremendous success, especially his “reform” of health care, but that is largely because they like him personally – not because Obamacare has been a rousing success.

By any measure the law, which has routinely been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court as constitutional despite the use of dubious legal justifications, remains largely unpopular among a majority of Americans. In addition to that, almost nothing of what the president and acceding Democrats promised the law would do has come to fruition. Indeed, on a number of fronts, the law has created the exact opposite effects.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jul 29 11:31

“You Can Legally Bribe a Government Official”

When Eric Holder first joined law firm Covington & Burling in 2001, he was coming from a stint as deputy attorney general under Bill Clinton. So it’s no wonder that when Holder went to the Obama administration as attorney general, the folks at Covington kept his seat warm.

And indeed, for many, Holder’s seamless slide from theoretically prosecuting big banks to defending big banks from prosecution is a common-sense phenomenon only the hopelessly naïve would bother to decry. He’s a lawyer, what do you expect? was the substance of many a comment –of what comment there was, because, again, this latest glimpse of the porous tissue between regulator and regulated went down as no news at all for most of the press.

Jul 29 11:30

Cop stalked ex-wife before killing her, GPS data show

A police officer who killed his ex-wife on a city street with bystanders watching also stalked the woman while on duty, according to a law-enforcement review of GPS data from his patrol car.

Jul 29 11:28

University of Cincinnati officer indicted on murder charges in motorist's shooting

A white University of Cincinnati police officer who shot a black motorist during a traffic stop has been indicted on murder charges, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

The case involves university police Officer Ray Tensing who stopped Samuel DuBose on July 19 in Mount Auburn, a predominantly African American neighborhood in Cincinnati. DuBose was shot and killed.

“It was so unnecessary for this to have occurred,” Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters told a televised news conference in Cincinnati. “This situation should never have escalated like this.”

Jul 29 11:19

Now Is The Time – Fear Rises As Financial Markets All Over The Planet Start To Crash

Can you feel the panic in the air? CNN Money’s Fear & Greed Index measures the amount of fear in the financial world on a scale from 0 to 100. The closer it is to zero, the higher the level of fear. Last Monday, the index was sitting at a reading of 36. As I write this article, it has fallen to 7. The financial turmoil which began last week is threatening to turn into an avalanche. On Sunday night, we witnessed the second largest one day stock market collapse in China ever, and this pushed stocks all over the planet into the red. Meanwhile, the twin blades of an emerging market currency crisis and a commodity price crash are chewing up economies that are dependent on the export of natural resources all over the globe. For a long time, I have been warning about what would happen in the second half of 2015, and now it is here. The following is a summary of the financial carnage that we have seen over the past 24 hours…

Jul 29 11:12

July in the Tetons: snow, low 30s

A cold front that came through the region early Monday afternoon delivered snow to the Tetons and temperatures in the low 30s to the valley.

While the unusually cold low-pressure system sent temperatures in town falling, it didn’t set a record. The record low for July 28 is 31 degrees, set back in 1940.

Jul 29 11:11

Cold front leads to record-low temperatures

A cold front that passed through the area this week led to record-breaking low temperatures on Tuesday morning.

Pocatello’s 39-degree low broke the previous record of 43 set in 1993, said Jeff Hedges, senior meteorologist with the local National Weather Service forecast office. Idaho Falls and Burley also broke records with lows of 36 and 41, respectively. The previous record for Idaho Falls was 41, set in 2005, and the previous low for Burley was 46, set in 1963.

Jul 29 11:09

The Truth About CO2

Dr. Patrick Moore, who was one of the original founders of Greenpeace who left the organization in disgust of their current political zealotry, Greenpeace is now trying to have him erased from history for daring to do that. He has now produced this interesting video in conjunction with with Prager University that is sure to send some of the tards into overdrive.
Global Warming activists will tell you that CO2 is bad and dangerous. The EPA has even classified it as a pollutant. Patrick Moore provides some surprising facts about the benefits of CO2 that you won't hear in the current debate.

Jul 29 11:07

Judge threatens to hold Obama’s lawyers in contempt over Lerner’s IRS emails

A federal judge rebuked the Obama administration’s IRS Wednesday for refusing to divulge documents, including Lois G. Lerner emails, and warned he would hold those who break his orders in contempt.

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan called the administration’s defense “nonsensical” and said the IRS must release documents every Monday to Judicial Watch, a conservative public interest law firm that requested the documents under open-records laws, and then sued after the IRS didn’t comply.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The power to tax involves the power to destroy." -- Chief Justice John Marshall

The power to tax selectively is the power to destroy selectively, wielded with impunity by the administration against their perceived enemies, without regard to due process or the Bill of Rights.

Jul 29 11:01

Israel wants U.S. to release its spy but not as compensation for Iran deal

Israel reacted with cautious optimism Sunday to the news that the spy Jonathan Pollard might be released on parole from a U.S. prison in November after serving 30 years of a life sentence. But Israeli leaders stressed that Pollard’s freedom would not derail their plans to vigorously oppose the Iran nuclear deal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or ask for huge amounts more money!

Jul 29 11:01

As Clinton Dodges on KXL, Sanders Voices 'Vigorous' Opposition

Hillary Clinton says she'll take a firm position for or against the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, but only after it's already been decided by the current administration or after she's elected president in 2016.

Asked about her stance on the controversial project at a town hall-style meeting in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Clinton said that as the former Secretary of State it would be "inappropriate" for her to take a position because the review of the controversial project was initiated under her direction.

Jul 29 11:00

Saudi-led coalition plans ground attacks in Yemen after taking key city

After four months of setbacks, fighters backed by Saudi Arabia have seized the offensive in Yemen’s war, taking control of a major city and pressing to expand ground operations against rebel forces.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"YOU (bang) WILL (boom) ACCEPT (kapow) YOUR (ratatatat) US (whump) PUPPET (ka-ping) RULER! (barooom) "

Jul 29 10:58

Serbian lotto fixing, numbers appear before the ball

Number 21 appeared on the screen before the ball was picked. Anchor lady got confused, silence followed and later they claimed technical difficulties. Everything happened live on tv in front of wide audience.
Investigation is being held by police, but from Serbian lottery they reject any accusations.

Jul 29 10:56

Russia to Veto UN Resolution for US-Controlled MH17 Tribunal

A veto may have been cast when this article is read. Moscow opposes a US proposed rigged process - suppressing evidence of its culpability and Kiev’s in downing MH17, pointing fingers the wrong way, a longstanding imperial practice.

Jul 29 10:55

U.S. Shoots Down Idea of Syria Safe Zone

Days after the U.S. and Turkey announced a breakthrough deal to fight together against the Islamic State, U.S. officials are insisting that -- contrary to reports -- there are definitely no U.S. plans for a "safe zone" inside Syria. In fact, there really is no "zone," and there is no plan to keep the area "safe."

Jul 29 10:44

French farmers at it again: Block highways, burn tires over low prices

Angry french farmers blocked the Spanish and German border highways as part of an ongoing protest against low prices caused by cheap imports and pressure from grocery chains that have put about 10% of livestock farms on the verge of bankruptcy.

Jul 29 10:44


White House says Jonathan Pollard will not be allowed to move to Israel upon his release.

Jul 29 10:43

Kate Murray calls for ban on swastika displays

Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray said Tuesday she wants the New York State Legislature to ban the display of swastikas.

Joined by Jewish leaders, she made her comments at Point Lookout Town Park, where a plane trailing a swastika banner flew along the beach Saturday.

Jul 29 10:40

It's Almost August And Buffalo's Dirty Snow Pile Is Still Just Chillin'

It is almost August and daytime highs are reaching well into the 80s in Buffalo, New York, yet the city still has a giant, dirty snow pile left from eight months ago.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another month and it will qualify as a glacier!

Jul 29 10:38

Senior Western official: Links between Turkey and ISIS are now 'undeniable'

A US-led raid on the compound housing the Islamic State's "chief financial officer" produced evidence that Turkish officials directly dealt with ranking ISIS members, Martin Chulov of the Guardian reported recently.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Erdogan is next on the "To be replaced by a puppet" list!

Jul 29 10:38

‘Quit faking': Police ignored Native American woman’s pleas for help before she died in jail

Circle Bear was jailed on a bond violation at the Brown County Jail in Aberdeen. On Sunday, July 6, she was found unresponsive in a holding cell.

According to KELO, Circle Bear was taken to a nearby hospital where she died later that same day.

Witnesses said that when Circle Bear was transferred to the holding cell, she told guards that she was in excruciating pain. Jail personnel reportedly told her to “quit faking” and “knock it off” before lifting her partway off the floor and dragging her to the cell where she was later found unconscious.

Jul 29 10:37

Caught on Body Camera: Cincinnati Now Bracing for Riots After Cop Kills Black Man During Routine Traffic Stop

First Ferguson. Then New York City. Then Baltimore. Now, Cincinnati is apparently next.

A man was apparently shot and killed by a cop wearing a body camera that caught the entire incident after a routine traffic stop for a missing front license plate. The victim, 43-year-old Sam Dubose, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Since Jennifer Baker of Revolution News put it so succinctly, we’ll just quote her for the details:

Sam Dubose ended up dead with his face blown off after a routine traffic stop by a University of Cincinnati Police Officer. Officer Ray Tensing was wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting and recorded the incident. Those that have seen the video footage and made comments about it seem deeply disturbed, including the citywide police chief.

Jul 29 10:37

Police chief warns that officers may no longer respond to burglaries

Chief Constable Sara Thornton, head of the new National Police Chiefs' Council, says officers' priorities are changing in response to budget cuts and the changing face of crime

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Our police officers are too busy shooting protesters and seizing cash from innocent people, so if you are the victim of a crime, you will have to defend yourselves. Oh, wait, that's right; we don't allow you to have guns. Hmmmm.... Okay, let them rob you, then buy new stuff. That will stimulate the economy!"

Jul 29 10:34

Home with Confederate flag invaded, family members shot and stabbed

Three male victims were stabbed and a female victim was shot in the neck inside a home on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. A total of five members of the household were injured and hospitalized.

The family, which flies a Confederate flag on their porch, may have been targeted because of their race. The family is white and the two perpetrators are black. The lives of the victim’s were saved when one member of the family shot and killed one of the attackers. The other attacker was apprehended at the scene.

Small children were asleep upstairs when the attack took place.

Jul 29 10:32

Pentagon Admits Live Anthrax Has Been “Accidentally” Shipped a Whopping 192 Times in the Last Decade

Talk about a box of fail.

Now the Pentagon has admitted that at least 192 labs in the past ten years have received shipments of live anthrax from the Army. That’s almost four times as many labs as it admitted to back in June. “Major protocol problems,” doesn’t begin to cover it.

“The agency said on Monday that the list now includes labs in all 50 states, as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Washington, DC. The labs received live anthrax because of ineffective sterilization methods for killing the deadly bacteria. Seven foreign countries also received the shipments, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and the UK, according to the Department of Defense’s Laboratory Review site,” RT reported.

Wow. How many times can something happen and still be deemed an “accident” anyway?

Jul 29 10:23

How Aristocrats Have Gotten Away with Even Mass-Murder

On 8 July 2015, in a pervasively ignored but historically very important news event (briefly mentioned by the BBC), the only trial ever in which a former head of state was convicted in his own country for genocide — in the long court case of Ronald Reagan’s friend Guatemalan General Rios Montt — finally petered out via a declaration by a Guatemalan court, alleging that Montt’s 10 May 2013 Guatemalan conviction and 80-year prison sentence (never served) for genocide, must now simply be abandoned, because Montt is supposedly “mentally incompetent to stand trial." Though a retrial of his case had been promised, it probably won’t happen. Guatemala’s aristocracy seem to have blocked any and all penalty for their General and former President’s genocide.

Jul 29 10:00

FBI Evidence Shows Sandy Hook Shooting Could Have Been Elaborate Hoax

Many suspect that the shooting was a false flag operation, similar to that of 9/11, to garner support for gun control legislation. In addition, the behaviour of the FBI and police chiefs following the event has come into question, after social media users were threatened for questioning what really happened or suggesting there was any kind of cover-up.

But two years later, conspiracy theories still live on.

Jul 29 10:00

EXCLUSIVE: 'Hillary must NEVER become President', says the woman who exposed Bill's affair with Monica. Former Clinton West Wing assistant Linda Tripp says Democratic contender is a liar who treats the public with contempt

It was the scandal that saw Bill Clinton impeached and which threatened to bring down his presidency. For many, it continues to define it to this day.

But according to the woman who outed Monica Lewinsky as the president's mistress, the real story was never about Monica. It was about 'subornation of perjury, obstruction of justice… a true abuse of power.' And it was about Hillary.

Because, according to Linda Tripp, it was Hillary who manipulated and stage managed the story, converting herself from a lackluster First Lady with unimpressive approval ratings to admirable First Victim - the blindsided wife standing by her man.

She made him forgivable. She 'orchestrated the cover up' and she made damn sure that she moved on. Nothing, and no-one, was going to stand in her way.

Jul 29 09:57

Newly recovered Lois Lerner email shows IRS tried to cover up tea party targeting

The IRS sent one of its intrusive scrutiny letters to a nonprofit group in order to throw up a smokescreen and prevent the group from complaining to Congress about poor treatment, according to one of Lois G. Lerner’s apparently lost emails, which were recovered by auditors and released by an interest group Tuesday.

Judicial Watch, which sued to force the production of the Lerner emails, said the emails confirm that Ms. Lerner, the central figure in the targeting probe, and her colleagues were aware of the sensitive nature of the cases but appeared to hide details of the massive backlog they were amassing as they held up hundreds of tea party and conservative group applications for nonprofit status.

Jul 29 09:56

One That Won’t Make Headlines: Man With Concealed Carry Permit Prevents Mass Shooting

Here’s a story that won’t make many headlines in the mainstream media, because it doesn’t neatly fit the anti-Second Amendment agenda.

An Ohio concealed carrier prevented a tragedy Sunday, as he fired upon a man who was trying to kill a woman he got into an argument with, as well as her one year old child, and innocent bystanders.

Cincinnati’s Fox19 reports that 62-year-old Thomas McCary pulled a gun on Patrick Ewing when Ewing attempted to settle a dispute between his own sister, Jeaneta Walker, and McCary.

McCary shot at Ewing three times, according to the report, prompting Ewing to pull out his own firearm, which he has under a concealed carry license.

Ewing hit McCary in the leg, but it didn’t prevent him from returning to his house and emerging with yet more firepower.

McCary, now carrying two handguns, came out firing at anyone in sight, including Ms Walker, the child, and another man in the vicinity.

Jul 29 09:56

Happy Birthday may finally be free after bombshell discovery

he world’s most popular song dates from 1893 but a studio has been forcing people to pay for it all the same. Now, last minute evidence in a closely-watched court case could make “Happy Birthday” free at last, and end one of the most controversial copyright claims in history.

The evidence comes in the form of a book of music from 1927 titled “The Everyday Songbook,” which was put before a federal judge in California this week. There, in its pages, is a copy of the words and melody of “Happy Birthday,” whose appearance should serve to put the famous song in the public domain once and for all – and end a licensing gig that reportedly nets publisher Warner/Chappell’s $2 million per year.

Jul 29 09:47

Mathematician says Kansas voting machines need to be audited

A mathematician at Wichita State University who wanted to check the accuracy of some Kansas voting machines after finding odd patterns in election returns said she is finding out how difficult it can be to get government officials to turn over public documents.

Jul 29 09:23

Gold Manipulation: It’s Much Bigger Than You Think

By Dave Kranzler

The gold price manipulation scheme will go down as the biggest financial market scandal in US history for numerous reasons. They include the destruction of the free market system in the United States...

It has now taken on historic proportions...

Jul 29 09:23

New Mexico 911 operator tells caller to 'deal with it yourself' after shooting

A New Mexico firefighter, Matthew Sanchez, has resigned from the city's dispatch centre after telling a 911 caller who was trying to keep alive a gunshot victim to "deal with it yourself."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The gun-grabbers are always sating that you don't need a gun because you can call 9-11. Here is the result!

Jul 29 09:21

Time Warner executive moonlights as speechwriter for Netanyahu

One of Time Warner’s top executives moonlights as a speechwriter for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, warning the west about Iran.

Gary Ginsberg, executive vice president of corporate marketing and communications for Time Warner, advised Netanyahu to pull out the famous bomb cartoon at the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 and helped craft such lines as the claim that Iran threatens Israel with “nuclear extinction.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wouldn't mention that on the resume, Gary, considering how badly that turned out!

Jul 29 09:19

Tell Congress to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood

Recently, Planned Parenthood was exposed harvesting and distributing human body parts of aborted babies. This is morally repulsive!

A recent undercover video made by the Center for Medical Progress, an advocacy group that reports on medical ethics, shows Planned Parenthood's senior director of medical services Deborah Nucatola, casually sipping a glass of wine while discussing the gory details of how to remove a child from its mother's womb in the most expedient way so as to harvest as many body parts as possible to satisfy prospective clients.

The pro-murder crowd is attempting to justify this by saying this is only the distribution of fetal tissue and it is perfectly legal. Planned Parenthood is criticizing the makers of the video of "heavy editing." Is this a serious response?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Partial birth abortions are illegal under US law, but the video shows that planned Parenthood uses partial birth abortions to maximize the harvest of fetal tissues. It is also against US law to alter the method of an abortion to harvest fetal tissue (which the video taped doctors admit doing) and finally, the trafficking of fetal tissue is itself illegal.

Jul 29 09:16

Historic revolt: Boehner faces sudden mutiny

It’s the first time in 105 years in the House of Representatives: A Republican congressman filed a motion Tuesday to remove House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, from his position.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., filed a “motion to vacate the chair” Tuesday evening, saying Boehner “has endeavored to consolidate power and centralize decision-making, bypassing the majority of the 435 Members of Congress and the people they represent.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"But that's what Netanyahu TOLD me to do!!!" -- Boner

Jul 29 09:14

Hillary Does It Again: What "Everyday American" Would Pay $600 For This Haircut?

There are plenty of 'everyday Americans' out there with perfectly good haircuts, styled by perfectly good hairdressers, in perfectly good Main Street salons... so why is self-proclaimed populist person-of-the-everyday-American Hillary Clinton getting a $600 haircut at Bergdorf Goodman's Fifth Avenue store in NYC?

Jul 29 09:13

Banks Squirm As Congress Moves To Cut The 6% Dividend Paid To Them By The Fed

Did you know that the Federal Reserve pays an annual 6% dividend to its shareholders, i.e., the member banks of the cartel? Must be nice, considering savers who had nothing to do with cratering the world economy, and failed to receive a taxpayer funded bailout, can barely earn 0.5% on their money. It’s also quite bizarre. How many other “public institutions” have private shareholders to whom they pay 6% risk free dividends? None, which once again highlights the point that the Federal Reserve is NOT a public institution working on behalf of the citizenry, but is rather a banking cartel designed to enriched and protect its member banks (as we saw on clear display in 2008). It appears that some members of Congress are now targeting the estimated $17 billion per year paid out by the Fed to its member banks via the highway-funding bill.

Jul 29 09:13

Clinton Emails From Time Of Libya's Slide Into Chaos Missing, Report Says

A reported two-month gap in emails from Hillary Clinton's private account during 2012 coincides with a period of escalating violence in Libya and the obtaining of a special exemption by her top aide, Huma Abedin, to work for both the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

The Daily Beast reported late Tuesday that no emails between Clinton and her State Department staff for the months of May and June 2012 are among the estimated 2,000 messages that have been released from the Democratic presidential frontrunner's account.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jul 29 08:58

Microsoft admits critical .NET Framework 4.6 bug, issues workaround

F# developers asked to avoid it until a complete fix is ready

Win10 auto updates?

Jul 29 08:41

Ted Cruz believes Captain Kirk was Republican; William Shatner responds

Cruz claimed in an interview with The New York Times Magazine that, “It is quite likely that Kirk is a Republican and Picard is a Democrat.” Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner, was in the original version of the series, while Captain Jean-Luc Picard, portrayed by Patrick Stewart, appeared in “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

Cruz goes on to say in the interview that, “Kirk is working class; Picard is an aristocrat. Kirk is a passionate fighter for justice; Picard is a cerebral philosopher.”

The quotes quickly made the social media rounds and prompted Shatner to respond. In a tweet, Shatner claims that “Star Trek” was not political and to put such labels on interstellar characters is “silly.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Well, I had to do SOMETHING to get attention, and Huckabee beat me to the 'ovens', so ..." -- Ted "Born in Canada) Cruz

Jul 29 08:34

How maverick cancer treatments are suppressed by the mainstream

Mainstream medicine plays very dirty indeed to defend its near-monopoly on cancer treatment, leaving a long trail of promising cancer treatments lying ignored and suppressed in its wake. By way of illustration, Dr Stanislaw Burzynski may be on the verge of a hard-fought breakthrough for his antineoplaston treatment – and his struggles offer an object lesson about the trials in store for another promising therapy, Gc-MAF.

Jul 29 08:31

Fox News tweaks debate rules, helps trailing candidates

Fox News is making it easier for Republican presidential candidates who don't make the cut for the network's August 6 prime-time debate to get at least some attention in an earlier event.

Jul 29 08:25


As social media helped topple regimes in the Middle East and northern Africa, a senior colonel in the People’s Liberation Army publicly warned that an Internet dominated by the U.S. threatened to overthrow China’s Communist Party. Ye Zheng and a Chinese researcher, writing in the state-run China Youth Daily, said the Internet represented a new form of global control, and the U.S. was a “shadow” present during some of those popular uprisings. Beijing had better pay attention.

Jul 29 08:19

5 Reasons I Lost $9,000 On An iPhone Game

If you've watched television recently, you've probably noticed that Kate Upton's tits really want you to play a smartphone game called Game Of War: Fire Age. That ad campaign cost approximately 40 million dollars, or about 5 million more than the entire development cost of Borderlands 2. They can afford their "it's like Game Of Thrones, but, somehow, even more sexual!" marketing because, as we write this, Game Of War is raking in more than a million dollars each day. Jason Croghan has spent several thousand dollars on it, and he told us all about how games like Fire Age sink their claws into you -- and don't let go.

Jul 29 08:18


On Dec. 11, 2001, Dee Torres-Hill, manager of the Prado Daycare Center, told police that a mother, Elizabeth Carroll punched her own 5-year-old daughter in the nose. Investigators would later determined that Carroll didn’t punch her child. However, the damage was already done. Even though Torres-Hill’s allegations were found to have no factual basis, other day care center employees continued to make accusations of child abuse against the parents, which resulted in their 3 children being taken from them, and placed in the custody of an alleged child rapist.

Jul 29 08:17

Arrests in Fla., Israel tied to JPMorgan hack

U.S. authorities arrested four people in Israel and Florida Tuesday, some of whom are believed to be tied to computer hacks of JPMorgan Chase and other financial institutions.

Jul 29 08:17

Guess Who Else Called For Diplomatic Solutions To Iran's Nukes?

Just yesterday, Mike Huckabee called President Obama a Nazi. Oh, he didn't use the word Nazi. He just said a deal with Iran would march Israelis "to the door of the ovens." Which means, of course, that he called the sitting President of the United States a Nazi, straight up.

Because he needs the eyeballs to make the primary, and he knows there are enough haters out there to maybe nudge him up into that magical top ten. He knows this because he is a beneficiary of the GOP/Koch microtargeting effort.

But in 2008, Mike Huckabee sang a different tune, one that when considered in the context of his current remarks, would have suggested that he was one of those oven-marchers, too.

In January, 2008 Huckabee wrote an op-ed for Foreign Affairs magazine, striking a far different tone than he is today. The following are key excerpts from that article.

Jul 29 08:16

Greek crisis: Lagarde calls for 'significant' debt relief as Tsipras issues early election warning - live updates

The issue of Greece’s unsustainable debt burden has moved back up the agenda, as top officials from the country’s creditors prepare to begin talks on a third bailout.

IMF chief Christine Lagarde has reiterated the Fund’s position, that “significant” debt relief is needed, as part of a new aid deal.

Lagarde also wants to see “sensible fiscal targets” (which must take account of the recent economic turmoil), “structural measures” to reform the Greek economy, and enough funding to cover Athens’ medium-term financing needs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Maybe, we could try ... a twelfth marble?" -- International Mother F***ers

Jul 29 08:09

REVEALED: Cancer industry profits 'locked in' by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines... spurs tumor growth... explains aggressive vaccine push

As Mike Adams recently reported, "A universal cancer cure would destroy the profitability of the highly lucrative cancer industry and collapse the American Cancer Society, hospitals, oncology clinics and pharmaceutical companies that depend on chemotherapy revenues to stay profitable."

This means that anyone moving closer to developing a cure for cancer would be considered an extreme threat to the medical establishment and likely stopped at any cost.

With that in mind, the mysterious deaths and disappearances of several natural health doctors throughout Florida is as suspicious as it is concerning.

If anyone was close to finding a universal cure for cancer and would ensure the public had access to it, it would likely be natural health doctors, or naturopaths, as they're less likely to prescribe drugs and more likely to try and heal the body naturally using holistic medicine and nontoxic approaches.

Jul 29 08:08


PUT A COMPUTER on a sniper rifle, and it can turn the most amateur shooter into a world-class marksman. But add a wireless connection to that computer-aided weapon, and you may find that your smart gun suddenly seems to have a mind of its own—and a very different idea of the target.

Jul 29 08:01

A "No-Fly Zone" By Any Other Name - The "ISIL-Free Zone" In Syria

By Brandon Turbeville

As the NATO Article 4 meeting concludes with little or no fanfare and no major decisions made regarding a “no-fly zone” over Syria, many onlookers may take the opportunity to sit back in satisfaction that the meeting was concluded without any announcement of further direct military involvement in Syrian affairs. For many, the lackluster meeting was simply more proof that Turkey and the United States will not attempt a frontal assault on the Middle Eastern country.

Unfortunately, however, the big decision was not made at the NATO Article 4 meeting, it was made bilaterally days before between Turkey and the United States...

Jul 29 07:59

Undercover video shows Planned Parenthood official discussing fetal organs used for research

Buying and selling human fetal tissue is illegal in the United States. Federal regulations also prohibit anyone from altering the timing or method of an abortion for the sole purpose of later using the tissue in research.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jul 29 07:57

Planned Parenthood scandal back in the headlines

Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Research, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, is on video describing how she has used partial-birth abortion to preserve the organs of babies for research.

Partial-birth abortion has been illegal since 2007.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The next question that must be asked is if women were encouraged to have abortions in order to keep the supply of body parts full.

Jul 29 07:31

Windows 10: Here are the privacy issues you should know about

The new policies take effect on 1 August and there are a few unsettling things nestling in there that you should be thinking about if you’re using the company’s services and software.

The Privacy Statement and Services Agreements combined come to 45 pages. Microsoft’s deputy general counsel, Horacio Gutierrez wrote that they are “straightforward terms and polices that people can clearly understand.” The reality is, you’re probably not going to read them. So I did…

And, like so many other companies, Microsoft has grabbed some very broad powers to collect things you do, say and create while using its software. Your data won’t be staying on your computer, that much is for sure.

Jul 29 07:27

Vulture funds demand brutal austerity measures from bankrupt Puerto Rico

A group of hedge funds that hold a large proportion of Puerto Rico’s debt have demanded that its government fires teachers, collects more taxes and reforms labor laws, as the US territory contemplates default.

The demand was stated in a report written by three economists with strong links to the International Monetary Fund and was commissioned by the Ad Hoc Group of Puerto Rico, which comprises 34 hedge funds.

Jul 29 07:16

University professor says Ebola is a “genetically modified, lab-made” virus

An associate at Delaware University has a sensational claim: that the Ebola virus is a ‘genetically modified, lab-made virus’.

Dr. Cyril Broderick is a former professor of plant pathology at the University of Liberia’s College of Agriculture and Forestry, and is on tenure as an associate at Delaware University.

Jul 29 06:23

Watch This Woman Demonstrate How To Stop Police Violence

The man was identified by The Daily News as Alando Brissett, 25, and had allegedly gotten into an argument with employees over a receipt. At the point where the video starts we see five officers who start beating the pinned down man. Soon, many officers swarm in from out of nowhere.

Jul 29 06:21

An Expert That Correctly Called The Last Two Stock Market Crashes Is Now Predicting Another One

What I am about to share with you is quite stunning. A well-respected financial expert that correctly predicted the last two stock market crashes is now warning that we are right on the verge of the next one.

Jul 29 02:07

The Lawless Manipulation of Bullion Markets by Public Authorities

The supply of bullion in the futures markets is increased by printing uncovered contracts representing claims to gold. This artificial, indeed fraudulent, increase in the supply of paper bullion contracts drives down the price in the futures market despite high demand for bullion in the physical market and constrained supply. We will demonstrate with economic analysis and empirical evidence that the bear market in bullion is an artificial creation.

Jul 29 01:35

Gay Rights On $2 a Day? Obama Loses Plot

No-one can pretend that Kenya and Ethiopia are free from political defects. But the defects appear small in comparison to the challenges that these countries are facing and are largely overcoming for the greater good of their respective societies.