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Banned at Breitbart now!

Breitbart,Russia Insider,Infowars,Fort Russ and others all have me banned. Breitbart banned me this morning. Funny thing,I'm only banned at so-called alternative websites.I have never been banned by the MSM on any site. Pretty strange....Not.
The ONLY alternative media website I go to that is being hacked 24/7 is
I think Mike Rivero has the real deal. Most of the rest are nothing but controlled op.
To tell you the truth I am pretty disgusted with the whole thing. America and the American people are doomed. We get 2 news feeds,2 lines of so-called truth that are nothing of the sort.
The truth is out there and in the end it will out no matter what the cost to those who believe the lies.


no sympathy


all these shit sites, ciafacebook, ect are censoring, and 12160 , a truly free speech alternative, gets only a dozen comments a day from 10k visitors.

keep beating those dead horses

Didn't ask for sympathy.

Ethan Allen and...

Just noting how much truth irritates some people. Censorship is an admission from the censor that they are liars and they have been caught. That's all! They lifted their ban this morning.

I agree;


(*I agree , with your assessment of Mike .
Thanks Ethan Allen and... , for giving me a place to say that
Thanks Mike Rivero for giving me a place to think out loud .)


Ethan Allen and...

O_L! Now they steal the man's car. How low can they go?